Vetus VH4.80

Vetus VH4.80 59 KW (80.3 HP)

Kvalitný, úsporný dieselový lodný motor

Viac detailov

Vetus VH4.80 59 KW (80.3 HP)

The H-Line engines are sturdy, reliable engines and are suitable for many applications, such as cabin boats, small fishing boats and larger canal boats. These engines have low noise and vibration levels due to their robust construction. They are also highly fuel efficient. The H-line engines are four-cylinder 4-stroke engines with an indirect fuel injection system, a dual-circuit cooling system with integrated heat exchanger and a seawater injected exhaust bend. Available in two versions: VH4.65 and VH4.80.


A few advantages of these engines
  • Extremely favourable power to weight ratio
  • Very low noise and vibration levels due to counter balancing shafts
  • Very low fuel consumption
  • Minimum hose connections, owing to extensive use of moulded rubber cooling system components
  • High alternator output as standard, developed for marine applications for fast recharging of the batteries
  • Self bleeding fuel system


Suitable for
  • Cabin boats
  • Sailing boats
  • Small fishing boats


  • The H-line engines can be supplied with gearbox or saildrive
  • Alternatively, the H-Line can be supplied with an adaptor kit to fit an existing Volvo Penta saildrive, type 110S, 120S or 120SB
  • Available as a powerpack complete with hydraulic pump, when hydraulic power is needed for auxiliary components on board

Technické parametre:

Max. output at flywheel (ISO 3046-1) 59 kW (80,3 hp)
Number of cylinders 4
Max. output at propeller shaft (ISO 3046-1) 57,2 kW (77,6 hp)
Bore x stroke (mm) 91,1 x 100
Alternator 12 Volt - 115 Amp.
Capacity 2607 cm³│
Gearbox, standard TM345(A) 2/2.47:1
Dry weight (kg) 245
Suction height of fuel lift pump (m) 1,5
Max. toerental (omw./minuut) 4000
Optional ZF25A 1,93/2,29/2,71:1 ZF25 1.97/2.8:1
Warning lights and audible alarm for Oil pressure, temperature (fresh and raw water), charging current.
Control lights for Pre-heating
Cooling system, standard Indirect cooling
Max. installation angle (backwards) 15°
Max. lateral inclination angle (continuously) 25°
Max. lateral inclination angle (5 minutes max.) 30°
Calorifier connection kit Optional
Certification EU-RCD I

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