Vetus M4.56

Vetus M4.56 38,3 kW (52 hp)

Kvalitný, úsporný dieselový lodný motor

Viac detailov

Vetus M4.56 38,3 kW (52 hp)

The line-up of the redesigned M-Line marine diesel engines is impressive. With new features, modern appearance and added benefits, the new M-Line range is designed to meet future market demand.

One of the most notable changes is the cast aluminium top cover. This cover incorporates various new and innovative features. It includes a water cooled element and absorbs radiant heat from the engine. This innovative concept results in a temperature reduction of up to 15°C – a reduction of 20%! Moreover, the sturdy aluminium top cover significantly reduces the noise level of the engine in combination with the new air filter, tests show a sound reduction of about 5 dB(A) and “near silent” operation at a cruising speed of around 2200 rpm. Finally the water cooled top cover is designed to be used as a step, making it easier to move around the engine.

Furthermore, the redesigned M-Line incorporates many other new features to make life easier for both the boat builder and the end user:
    • Service parts such as fuses and relays (A), fuel filter and fuel connections (B), impeller (C), oil dipstick (D) and the oil filter (E) are all easily access
    • On all M4 engines the impeller is located at the front, for even easier access
    • The wiring is improved to offer easy connection and extra safety
    • All M-Line engines are equipped with an electric fuel pump (F), actuated by the ignition switch
    • A new air inlet filter housing attenuates the airflow and lowers the induction sound level (G)
    • The heat exchanger unit has 26 improvements, including the construction materials and surface treatments
    • The plastic front cover enhances safety and appearance. All pulleys and belts are covered, thereby meeting the EC Machinery Directive
    • Front mounted oil and fuel filters including a bracket are available as an option, making servicing even more convenient (H)
    • Supplied as standard with instrument panel, four flexible engine mountings and an oil sump pump

    All these new advantages come without compromising any other features. With a range of 12 hp up to 52 hp M-Line is the preferred choice for many boat builders. Customers can expect the highest level of service when choosing a VETUS engine, together with quality and professional advice.


    Purchasing a VETUS M-Line engine brings you a host of benefits:
  • M-Line engines are running quietly and highly fuel-efficient
  • These reliable and rugged engines offer a high power and torque ratio
  • The fuel system is automatically self-bleeding which is convenient after fuel filter replacement
  • The VETUS M-Line marine diesel engine meet the Recreational Craft Directive 2012/53/EU and Russian RRR emission standards. Some M-Line engines also meet the BSOII regulations
  • All engines are equipped with a high output marine alternator as standard for fast recharging of batteries
  • All M-Line engines can be supplied with saildrive
  • Furthermore, the VETUS M-Line 3 and 4 cilinders can be supplied with SOLAS approval

Technické parametre:

Max. output at flywheel (ISO 3046-1) 38,3 kW (52 hp)
Max. output at propeller shaft (ISO 3046-1) 37,1 kW (51 hp)
Max. toerental (omw./minuut) 3000
Bore x stroke (mm) 78 x 92
Capacity 1758 cm³
Number of cylinders 4
Alternator 12 Volt - 110 Amps
Cooling system, standard indirect cooling (keelkooling optional)
Gearbox, standard TM345(A)(2/2.47:1)
Option ZF12M 2.14:1, ZF15MIV 2.13 / 2.99:1, TMC60P 2 / 2.5:1
Dry weight incl. standard gearbox (kg) EU-RCD II, SOLAS
Max. installation angle (backwards) 15°
Max. lateral inclination angle (continuously) 25°
Max. lateral inclination angle (5 minutes max.) 30°
Suction height of fuel lift pump (m) 1.5 m
Warning lights and audible alarm for oil pressure, temperature (coolant and exhaust), charging current
Control lights for pre-heating
Calorifier connection kit Optional
Certification EU-RCD II, SOLAS

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