Vetus VD4140

Vetus VD4140

Kvalitný, úsporný dieselový lodný motor

Viac detailov

Vetus VD4140

The new VETUS D-Line common-rail engine is ideal for heavy displacement boats. It is slow running and exceptionally smooth, making him the engine of choice where long distance cruising is involved.
Based on the quality of the well-known Deutz engine blocks, they are exceptionally reliable and durable.
This is in conformity with the new RCD2 emission regulations. Extremely suitable for power hydraulics on board.

The engine has a CAN bus system with a SAEJ1939 protocol but can easily work with NMEA2000 systems on board as well.

The new VETUS D-Line engine now has a water cooled top cover in order to reduce the heat in the engine room but also to reduce the engine noise of an already quiet engine block.
This top cover can also be used as a step. Other features we have added to the new D-Line engines are: smaller air filters in order to save space in the engine room. New exhaust manifold insulation, high output alternators as

standard (160 Amps) and a 2nd alternator as an option.

Electric sump pumps are fitted as standard. Options such as a calorifier /hot water tank kit, PTO to install a hydraulic pump, fly-bridge instrument panel or trolling valve, can be ordered separately but will be installed on the engine when ordered

as a complete package.

Technické parametre:

Max. output at flywheel (ISO 3046-1) 103 kW (140 hp)
Max. output at propeller shaft (ISO 3046-1) 98.9 kW (134.4 hp)
Max. toerental (omw./minuut) 2400
Bore x stroke (mm) 101 mm x 126 mm
Capacity 4040 cm3
Number of cylinders 4 in line
Cooling system, standard Intercooling
Compression ratio 18:1
Firing order 1-3-4-2
Alternator 12 Volt - 160 Amps and 24 Volt - 80 Amps
Optional 2nd alternator
Max. torque 520 Nm / 1600 rpm
Fuel consumption 235 g / kW.h
Gearbox, standard ZF45
Ratio 2.2/2.51/3.1
Gearbox (optional) ZF63IV
Dry weight incl. standard gearbox (kg) 532
Suction height of fuel lift pump (m) 1.5
Max. installation angle (backwards) 15°
Calorifier connection kit optional
Instruments Key switch, tacho meter/hour counter, volt meter, oil pressure gauge, temperature gauge
Acoustic alarm Oil pressure, temperature, charging current fres and raw water
Electric circuit protection Resetable circuit protection
Certification 2013/53/EU RCDII

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